Booking, Trace & Track

Booking transport request

From order to transport request

  • Order and shipment relationship
  • Transport request
  • Cut off & calendar management
  • Mutualisation proposition under constraint

Trace & Track

Customers now expect accurate, consistent information about the status of their parcel, pallets, containers, no matter where in the world its coming from. Delivering a consistent experience to customers is no easy task as events and statuses vary greatly across carriers.

  • Access tracking data and integrate to existing systems via direct feed or API
  • Proactive outbound customer communications via e-mail to manage customer expectations
  • Allows customer service teams to get all informations in one place and in a consistent way that does not require to learn each carrier’s systems – simplifying the process and decreasing the cost of dealing with calls
  • Track & Trace provides consumers with one destination to get tracking updates, whatever the carrier, which improves user experience and reduces inbound calls to customer service teams


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