Without access to clean, trustworthy data from distribution and channel,

manufacturers are unable to create actionable insights.

Data Acquisition

Fluid-e portal automatically collects and accepts partner data submission in any defined format.Over hundred of millions transactions are collected and processed every year, from partners across multiple countries.

  • any submission mode (AS2, AS1, Web Base report, Excel, file upload…).
  • integration gateway for automated, real-time, error-free data submission to makes it  easy for partners to report data.
  • alerts on due files
  • alerts on quality

Data Quality Enhancement

The next step is enhancing the quality of submitted data through normalization and validation capabilities of the platform.

  • accurate identify end-customers and N-tier channel partners in the submitted data.
  • specific deals, asset serials numbers, and SKUs are mapped at transaction level to enhance the overall quality of the submitted data.
  • incorrect data, duplicate transactions, invalid part numbers, missing fields, and incorrect date ranges get validated and corrected.

Data Enrichment

Fluid-e portal can further supplement the high quality data with customer-specific enrichments through look-up against customer master catalogs, and reference data.

Data Analytics

The normalized, validated and enriched data is then sent to customers as feed out to be integrated with their downstream systems. Data can also be fed into our dashboards so that customers can analyze the data and make critical business decisions at the blink of an eye. Fluid-e provides a library of standard off the shelf reports.

Data Consumption and Integration

Clean, enhanced and enriched data fcan be seamlessly integrated into customer’s downstream CRM, ERP and or data warehouses for easy consumption.  Moreover, customers find on the portal all transactions which can be edited in a pdf view, or extract to be used…

With complete visibility into the distribution channel data and actionable intelligence,

Fluid-e portal offers the following advantages to customers.

• Improve channel revenue
• Optimize promotion management
• Reduce inventory and logistics costs
• Reduce financial exposure