Fluid-e End to End Supply Chain Visibility & Control

Fluid-e provides controlled access and transparency to accurate, timely and complete content and data transactions relevant to supply chain information within and accross organizations and services to support effective planning and execution of supply chain operations :


  • Growing product availability through a more joined-up supply chain
  • Higher efficiencies though decreasing cost, improving cash flow or improving service
  • Transforming your business through taking a customer-centric approach to supply chain
  • Developing a faster, more responsive supply chain
  • The use of technology to raise supply chain perfomance
  • Synchronization of production to better match supply with demand

Visibility capabilities allow business partners to connect and exchange data through an information hub solution-Fluid-e, and then leverage those insights within supply chain processes to drive value and mitigate cost & risk :


  • Companies often lack a road map that links disconnected functional or departmental efforts for the goal of end-to-end supply chain visibility, preventing organizations from moving to a higher maturity stage.


  • Taking the next step and extending supply chain visibility upstream and/or downstream is less familiar to many companies and requires a mindset shift about approaches to technology and relationships.


  • Technology connectivity has made it easier to integrate business partners on a multi enterprise plaform, but business partner trust is still a challenging hurdle to overcome.


  • Increase service level, lower cost and freight cost with visibility