CRC: “Collaborative Replenishment Cockpit”

the advance replenishment solution from Fluid-e ’s portal

Demand forecasting

CRC’s demand forecasting functionality takes full advantage of all your data to give you the most accurate forecasts. CRC calculation can be done on a daily base but also on demand as last entries data’s influence the forecast proposition.

Automatic Replenishment

CRC’s automatic replenishment solution has help our customers to increase their service level and to decrease their stock value. CRC combine computational power, intelligent algorithms and user-defined business rules, to deliver automatic replenishment to all product categories.

By cutting time spent on ordering and simultaneously improving inventory turnover and availability, CRC provide to your replenisher time to use their expertise to add value; pro-actively planning peak seasons, promotions and assortment, and conducting supplier and carriers relationships.

Run promotions that deliver results

CRC’s combination of computational power and intelligent algorithms allows efficient and accurate planning, forecasting, fulfillment and analysis of promotions and markdowns. By replacing educated guesses with data-driven analysis, you’ll be able to run promotions that meet your business targets and provide high on-shelf availability without excess stock.

Substitution management to aligned business and real life

More information on replenishment

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