• Data and Transactions Middleware
  • Manage all your trading partner’s different message format requirements
  • Collaborate Workflow
  • EDI & Web EDI
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Alerts and KPI
  • SaaS and Cloud solutions
  • Secured by industry standard security systems
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Franchise Collaboration
  • Spare part portal
  • Sample & pos marketing portal
  • Demand Collaboration
  • Inventory Collaboration
  • Transport Collaboration
  • Logistic Order Management
  • Quotas, push order, …
  • Time slot management
  • VMI
  • Management of differences in execution

  • Demand driven replenishment solutions for retail
  • Replenishment solutions for e-commerce
  • Demand driven replenishmet solutions for manufacturing
  • Demand & stock allocation
  • Opérations and promotions replenishment solutions
  • Stock composition
  • Network collaboration
  • Drop/ Ship
  • VMI








Supply chains that are agile, adaptable and aligned — in addition to being low cost and high speed — have been shown to provide a significant competitive advantage.

In an ideal supply chain relationship, both customers and suppliers get connected in ways that allow them to easily exchange information, demand data, and the visibility of status in order, delivery…

Shifting from transactional  vendor relationships to partnerships provides tangible business benefits :

  • Improve supply chain visibility
  • Accelerate data& transaction transfer across the supply chain
  • Instill flexibility and agility, start with new workflow in the cloud
  • Adress customer segments through data analysis
  • Develop new cost to serve on demand processes
  • Reduced order-to-cash cycle time
  • Align internal & external stakeholders on services, processes and actions

Pool between manufacturing companies

The situation requires a fundamental shift of managing across the global supply chain, to secure the success.

While communication was always important, the need to collaborate across the extended enterprise of suppliers, partners, own facilites and customers and competitors is a must have going forward.

Only few companies is the industry have yet developed an understanding on how do this properly, with a clear understanding of what flexibility actually means for them.

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It is high time for all players to commit to collaboration, transparency and creating shared value.

It is only by getting the fundamentals of stock accuracy and visibility right that retailers will succeed in delivering the seamless « omni-channel » shopping experience that customers now expect.

Technology investment is critical to enabling exemplary omni-channel customer experience. As consumers expect retailers to provide consistent and unparalleled service across all touch points, retailers must adopt new technologies like Fluid-e portal connection point hta enable this higher level of service.

In the case of omni-channel, technology investment is often needed to create product and inventory visibility, to enable sales associates to understand customer preferences and purchase history, and to enable the retail store to act as a local fulfillment center with pick, pack, and ship capabilities.

Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) builds upon the traditional replenishment approach of replacing what was taken to create a dynamic and effective pull-based solution to answer the challenges of today’s manufacturing and distribution landscape.

Companies that adopt DDMRP achieve substantial improvements in service level, with shorter lead times, and higher sales; while releasing working capital through lower inventory levels.

A step by step implementation approach can be roll out.

CRC : Collaborative Replenishment Cockpit module will be implemented to :

  • Optimize replenishment execution for near-term order release and load building
  • Achieve process integration and flawless execution to minimize stock-outs and excessive costs
  • Change the daily work with more time on rules & insights impacts to your business and less time on execution

CRC components :

  • Inventory positioning
  • Buffer profiles & dynamic adjustments
  • Demand driven planning
  • Collaborative execution

Fluid-e End to End Supply Chain Visibility cloud platform enabling multi-tier collaboration

E2E Visibility


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